• Marjorie Carlier

    Marjorie Carlier

    Responsable communication à @JuniorISIT Etudiante en Master 1 - Management Interculturel à @isit

  • Rodrigo Dalmagro

    Rodrigo Dalmagro

    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

  • Julien Tanay

    Julien Tanay

    Lead Devops Engineer @Dior. Former @CanalPlus. Esport enthusiast. Music lover. http://julientanay.com

  • Kokoroe.fr


    Kokoroe est la plateforme d’apprentissage qui permet à chacun d’acquérir les compétences de demain. https://www.kokoroe.fr

  • Junior-Entreprises


    Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises. Premier mouvement étudiant confédéré de France.

  • Royer Robin

    Royer Robin

    Software Engineer @qarnot.com, interested in architectural patterns, .net ecosystem and distributed applications development.

  • Benjamin Arne

    Benjamin Arne

  • Luca Spezzano

    Luca Spezzano

    Frontend developer focused on CSS architecture of scalable and maintainable large scale projects and the development of amazing user interfaces.

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