Tupac Shakur claimed that “revenge is like the sweetest joy” next to the pleasures of the flesh. But pursuing revenge is often deemed self-destructive. And guess what — revenge bedtime procrastination is no different.

Bedtime procrastination is a person’s attempt to have control over their time at night. This stems from a perception of lacking influence over events during the day. It became associated with revenge after the phenomenon grew in visibility in China. Employees working the infamous 996 felt that employers were stealing their time. They got revenge by stealing it back at night.

For Sleep Foundation, revenge bedtime…

Waste sucks. Really. You’ll never see me not finishing a meal. The perspective of not fully enjoying something saddens me. Fortunately, we seem to be shifting towards a less waste-producing world. Still, there’s one thing that people feel content to be wasting, although they will never get it back — their own time.

To start saving time, I wanted to decrease my smartphone usage. Clearly, the geek I am wouldn’t be arguing against the usefulness of tech. But I’ve seen its effects on me and my relatives. …

Down + B. Pressing these buttons when throwing a Poké Ball, increased its capture rate — supposedly. Come to think of it, it might have been a legend. But I still did it anyway. Every single time. Like many other 90s kids, video games played a big part in my childhood. But for me, it was not only playing games. It was also making them.

On what I like to think of as The Afternoon That Changed My Life, my cousins introduced me to RPG Maker. As the name suggests, that piece of software allowed you to create role-playing games.

A world map created with RPG Maker MV.

Google Cloud Firestore is a real-time NoSQL cloud database.

When developing an application, it is natural for the data structure to evolve. When working with a relational database, you can run migrations as needed. But how to handle schema evolution when your data is stored in a NoSQL database like Cloud Firestore?

To illustrate this guide, we’ll use a simple example from my recruitment app for Classic WoW guilds.

A bit of context first. WoW is a multi-player game that follows a common class-design pattern. Players choose classes for their avatars (eg. warrior, mage or paladin) and each class has access to three specializations. …

Books photo by Daria Nepriakhina

Reading books is one of the most common vanity metrics among adults. Don’t get me wrong. Reading has its importance. Like Tyrion Lannister says, “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” But reading like 50 books a year? For most people, that’s just feeding their insecurity.

So why do we act like intelligence is a function of the number of books we read? Well, we always chase vanity metrics because they’re visible. And they’re the easiest to work on. It’s not only books. We are watching conferences, listening to podcasts…

A laptop with an open code editor.

My most recent side-project was a recruitment platform. As with most side-projects, it’s likely that my interest will decrease over time. So I tried to envision what it’d be like to maintain it in six months. Before starting, I set myself two goals.

The first was minimizing monthly fees. The second goal was to maximize the time spent developing features. Luckily, I found one common solution to these two constraints: serverless applications.

The base principle for serverless is that you only pay for what you use. Great. If no one ended up using my site, it would cost me nothing…

For a year and a half now, I’ve been the leader of a 40-man Classic WoW guild. Classic is the reissue of the original version of World of Warcraft. Released in 2004, that game is what defined the MMORPG genre. Its latest “Shadowlands” expansion has known record-breaking sales and 17 years later, Blizzard’s game is still king of MMOs.

You got it, WoW’s a pretty big deal. But why would anyone play the 15-year old version of it? To sum it up, the initial game was mostly built around its community aspect. Everything prompts you to interact with others. …

Laurent “Strift” Cazanove

Writing about esports, code, and some things in between. Helping developers @PandaScore. Used to write @OGaming_TV.

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